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Call us at 516-708-0302 for the best customer service in Long Island! Persian Rug Cleaning is here to give you the most affordable rug cleaning in Long Island. Furthermore, our experts are ready to handle any order of any size quickly. But how do you know if you can trust us? Leaving aside our amazing reviews, we have also put together a brief description of your cleaning process. Here, you can see exactly how our professional rug cleaners go about cleaning your rugs. No other company will walk you through this process because most of them use industrial machines that are known to harm your rug and its colors. Here is how Persian Rug Cleaning gets the job done!

Step 1: Inspection and Pickup

Schedule a free pickup and we'll send an expert to collect your rug or carpet. Our expert will also inspect each item for signs of damage. If you agree, we will repair these. After you agree to our quote, we take the rug to the cleaning facility in Long Island.

Step 2: Vacuuming Your Rug

It's time to vacuum every bit of dust and dirt from the surface of your carpets and rugs. We do this using state of the art vacuums that are 100% safe for the fabrics of your rug. Don't worry about it!

Step 3: Preparing the Rug for Washing

Our rug cleaning experts test various parts of your rug, as well as its colors and fibers. We want to find out which of our cleaning procedures will produce the best results. We also want to find out which cleaning products work best for your rug or carpet.

Step 4: Cleaning Your Rug

We now begin to clean the rug. Our specialists use various methods and cleaning products to wash every inch of your rug manually. So we don't use any washing machines that may cause damage to your rug's fibers and colors.

Step 5: Drying Your Rug

The next phase of the cleaning process is the drying procedure. No tumble dryers are involved because we know how dangerous they can be for the fabrics. Our experts use modern technology to dry the rug completely.

Step 6: Repairs and Final Inspection

The repairs and restoration work are done only after the rug is dry. Of course, we do this only if you've ordered these services. The last phase is the final inspection. If any kind of issue is found, the rug is immediately sent back and the cleaning cycle starts all over again.

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Yes, cleaning rugs and carpets is difficult. However, our skilled professionals have extensive experience doing it daily. The results of our cleaning procedure speak for themselves. When you require the most reliable rug cleaning in Long Island, call Persian Rug Cleaning: 516-708-0302.