The Best Rug Cleaning in Long Island

Finding the best rug cleaning company in Long Island can be a daunting task. There are plenty of companies in town and each one of them will promise you the best customer service and the most affordable prices. But who can you trust these days? Here at Persian Rug Cleaning, we can prove to you that what we promise is true. We have hundreds of reviews from people just like you. They tell our story for us. Read some of them and you'll quickly understand why we are the best rug cleaning business in Long Island. When it comes to professional rug cleaning, we have no equal. Just call 516-708-0302 !

All Rugs Washed Manually

Do you think that cleaning a large Oriental rug is easy? It may be, but only if you were willing to use a washing machine and aggressive chemicals. However, we don't use machines here. Our seasoned professionals use modern tools and equipment to hand-wash every inch of your prized rug or carpet. This way, we eliminate the risk of damage. Because yes, washing machines can cause a lot of damage to your rugs. And remember, Persian Rug Cleaning uses only the best cleaning products on the market. We want to make sure you get the value you pay for. Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is very important.

Only Skilled Professionals

Did you know that all our rug cleaning professionals are bonded, licensed and insured? Or that they are experts at what they do? Each one of our experts has many years of experience. He or she has cleaned thousands of rugs. Every time, our specialist managed to do an excellent job. Persian Rug Cleaning wouldn't be here without its awesome team of professional rug cleaners.


The Benefits of Picking Our Services

A good rug cleaning service also needs to be affordable. Here at Persian Rug Cleaning, we believe not in our bottom line, but in our customer satisfaction rating. It's through the roof! Just take a look at some of the reasons why you should pick us to clean your rugs and carpets in Long Island:

Every stain is removed

We can clean any rug of any size or shape

Cheap rug cleaning services in Long Island

Two inspections and tight quality assurance

We extend your rug's life

Get rid of harmful allergens and bacteria

Your rugs will never be damaged

Only experienced specialists work here

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Rugs Are 100% Safe With Our Experts

Are you worried that our experts may damage your gorgeous rugs and carpets? You need not worry! Here at Persian Rug Cleaning, we have a very strict policy. We don't use any kind of machines or any kind of cleaning products that have even the slightest chance of damaging your items. We carefully hand-wash each rug to make sure the fabrics are not harmed in any way.

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Our experts are at your disposal in Long Island. Contact Persian Rug Cleaning today by dialing 516-708-0302 and let's schedule an appointment!